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With CleanJack, cleaning companies get a better grip on quality and improve cost control.
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CleanJack Time registration, how does it work?

CleanJack is a cleaning management system designed especially for cleaning companies. The CleanJack registration system is easy to use. CleanJack provides an appropriate solution for each location and situation through use of a wall terminal, a handheld terminal or an app.

The benefits for...

Benefits for cleaners

Customer wishes and instructions from managers are shown in the CleanJack display at the start of the work. This way, the cleaner knows exactly what the customer thinks is important in terms of cleaning. The cleaner's work is much more in line with the customer's wishes and cleaners receive much more appreciation from satisfied customers. It is also important that the time sheets are always kept up to date, with CleanJack this happens automatically.

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Benefits for district leaders

District leaders always have the right management information at hand with the online dashboard. They can see exactly who is and who is not present at each location. Time-consuming attendance checks are a thing of the past. Adjustments can be made immediately if necessary. Timesheets are automatically entered in the system, which saves a lot of input work. If there are complaints about the cleaning, they are quickly resolved by registering them in the online log, after which a message is automatically sent to the cleaners at the location.

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Benefits for administrations

Automated time and attendance registration prevents employee timesheets from having to be collected and entered manually. All hours of all districts are automatically entered in the central system. This provides a clear view of the actual costs per project. Administrations save a lot of time and the chance of errors is much smaller.

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Benefits for executives

Satisfied customers due to good quality, a competitive proposition and a healthy return. CleanJack makes it a lot easier for cleaning companies. Labor costs can easily be more than 75% of the total costs of a cleaning company. CleanJack makes all hours transparent and thus makes most of the costs more manageable. This monitors the profitability per project. A wage test can also be made per employee. How do the hours worked relate to the hours of the employment contract?

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Hours and wage cost calculator cleaning

Employees are the most important asset of any business. At the same time, wage expenditure is the largest piece of expenditure. For a cleaning company, wage expenses are often more than 75% of total expenditure. A small deviation in hours or a tiny error in wages has a significant effect on the end result: a leverage effect.

If the cleaning company does not have complete insight into the hours, they will often incur a hidden loss. By entering hours, wages and percentages into the calculator, a cleaning company can calculate an indication of the current hidden loss itself. CleanJack provides insight into the actual hours. This insight enables the cleaning companies to gain control and allows much better hour management. The chance of errors is reduced because the hours are processed digitally instead of manually.

Number of cleaners

weekly hours per cleaner

Gross hourly income per cleaner

difference between planned and worked hours

Number of district leaders

Gross hourly income administration / district leaders

Administration time per day (in minutes)

Fewer mistakes in processing hours and wage

Below, you will find an indication of the hidden loss based on certain parameters. You can make changes to the amounts, monetary values and percentages by using the sliders. The calculator shows the effects of increases or decreases.

Your potential gains: € 2000,-

No rights can be derived from the calculated indication. It is intended as an aid to make the leverage effect more transparent.

Easily link CleanJack to your schedule, CRM, ERP or wage administration system

Here at CleanJack, we believe in collaboration. Links to other programs prevents duplication of your work. Data entered in one system automatically appears in the other system as well. This means that you are working efficiently and the chance of errors is reduced. CleanJack has links with the most prominent systems on the market. Can’t find your planning system, ERP, CRM or wage administration system on the list? By using the CleanJack API, a link is easily made.

Every company in the EU is obliged to provide a time recording system.

Such was the verdict of the European Court of Justice on May 14th 2019. This does not mean that we are going back to the old-fashioned time clock as shown in the picture, but it does mean that every employer is obliged to implement an objective, reliable and accessible system for registering hours worked. The European judgment is an explicit reminder for companies in Europe to apply their working time registration effectively.

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