Wall terminal

The CleanJack wall terminal enables cleaning companies to always be connected with employees at any work location. The wall terminal can easily be stuck to the wall. As soon as employees arrive at the location, they can register with their unique ID keychain. The starting time is registered automatically, and employees are informed of work activities and points of focus through the terminal.

Online dashboard

Cleaning companies are given their own online dashboard which shows them in real-time who is at work and where. Managers can gain proper insight this way and correct any deviations immediately. Messages can be sent to the cleaners directly from the dashboard.

The system signals deviations automatically, for instance if a cleaner is late or does not show up.

Work schedule

The work schedule is entered on the online dashboard. Each day, the tasks for each work location are shown on the display of the CleanJack wall terminal, the handheld terminal or the app. This ensures that nothing is overlooked, and that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.

Digital log

Cleaning is done by people. If a client registers a complaint, it is registered in the digital log of the online dashboard. This way, the cleaning company keeps a record of what is going on with each client. The points of focus per location appear automatically in the display when a cleaner registers at a work location.

Wall terminal
Registration through handheld terminal & stickers
Always insight into attendance
Tasks and points of attention always clear
Easy to use and manage
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Frequently asked questions

What does a wall terminal cost?

A wall terminal has a one-off cost of € 175. For a small monthly usage fee you are guaranteed a stable, safe and reliable system and will always work with the most recent software version. The usage fee is dependent on the number of cleaners and the number of locations. Request your custom quotation here.

How should I choose between a wall terminal, a handheld terminal, or the app?

Managing the system of keychains and wall terminals is very simple. Cleaners do not need to install apps or manage the handheld terminal, but are only given a keychain. If there are personnel changes, the keychain can easily be transferred to another employee. If multiple cleaners are working at a location, the wall terminal will usually be cheaper than apps or handheld terminals. If you are dealing with various small work locations, it can be cheaper to give the staff member a mobile phone (app) or handheld terminal. A member of the CleanJack staff can provide you with the proper advice when making this decision.

How does the wall terminal communicate with the online dashboard? Does the wall terminal also work with WiFi?

Each wall terminal has an integrated CleanJack SIM card that takes care of the communication between the online dashboard and the terminal. The wall terminal can also communicate using WiFi.

Can I send messages to individual cleaners through the wall terminal?

Yes, you can. Whenever a cleaner clocks in, the message will automatically appear in the display.

What about power?

The wall terminal has a 220V plug. The wall terminal also has a battery: if the current stops for a moment, clocking can still continue.

How do I mount a wall terminal?

It’s extremely easy. You stick the wall terminal to the wall using special Velcro. The wall terminal will not damage the wall.

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