Naturally, CleanJack is also available as an app. Employees can register their working hours using a mobile phone with NFC capability. The CleanJack App can easily be downloaded from Google Play. Start and stop stickers are placed at work sites. The cleaners register their start and end times by holding their mobile phones against the stickers. The cleaners are informed of work activities and points of focus through the app.

Online dashboard

Cleaning companies are given their own online dashboard which shows them in real-time who is at work and where. Managers can gain proper insight this way and correct any deviations immediately. Messages can be sent to the cleaners directly from the dashboard. The system signals deviations automatically, for instance if a cleaner is late or does not show up.

Work schedule

The work schedule is entered on the online dashboard. Each day, the tasks for each work location are shown on the display of the CleanJack wall terminal, the handheld terminal or the app. This ensures that nothing is overlooked, and that everyone knows exactly what needs to be done.


We’re all familiar with them: toilets with sticky floors and the overpowering smell of urine. A piece of paper is stuck behind the door with a scribble after each hour when supposedly a clean was done. Anyone will sense: this cannot be right. With CleanJack checkpoints, this is all in the past.

By sticking a sticker with an RFID chip on site, the time at which cleaning has taken place can be registered precisely. Checkpoints can be installed anywhere, such as hotel rooms, stairways, classrooms, storage buildings, window cleaning, and lobbies.

Digital log

Cleaning is done by people. If a client registers a complaint, it is registered in the digital log of the online dashboard. This way, the cleaning company keeps a record of what is going on with each client. The points of focus per location appear automatically in the display when a cleaner registers at a work site. This way, a regional manager can ensure that problems are solved quickly and efficiently.


Registration through the app on mobile phone and RFID stickers
Always insight into attendance
Tasks and points of focus are always clear
Activate immediately through Google Play
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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose between the app and the handheld terminal?

Everyone has a mobile phone, no one leaves home without it. Choosing an app seems obvious. However, there are things to consider when using an app. Do you want your employees to register their working hours using their own private phones or by using a company phone? A private telephone means that the employer won’t have to invest from the onset in devices. A private telephone also means that when collecting data, the employer is dependent on the proper functioning and usage of the private phones. If there is a technical fault in the employee’s private phone or network, or if the app cannot be installed immediately, investigating the cause will be laborious and often impossible for the employer. This makes operational management difficult and expensive. This will have a negative effect on the completeness and reliability of the collected data. In short, an app on a private phone is cheap to purchase, expensive to manage operationally, and the collected data is less reliable. Companies who wish to facilitate operational management and for whom the reliability of data is important (for instance, if clock times are used for the registration of more or less work and wages are added or discounted in relation to this), we recommend a company mobile phone or a CleanJack handheld terminal.

Once the app is installed on a company mobile phone, it will work in almost the same way as the handheld terminal.

If the app is installed on a staff member’s private phone, there are a few important things to consider. A CleanJack staff member will be happy to tell you more about this.

What does the app cost?

Downloading the CleanJack App is at a one-off cost of € 2.50. Added to this is the cost of a mobile phone and SIM card. These costs vary.

For a small monthly usage fee you are guaranteed a stable, safe and reliable system and will always be working through the most recent software version. The usage fee is dependent on the number of cleaners and the number of locations. Request your custom quotation here.

You can easily get the CleanJack App on your phone by downloading the app from Google Play. Your mobile phone must support Android and have NFC capability.

Will the app work on any mobile phone?

The app will work on mobile phones with an NFC function and running Android. The information on the stickers can be read with NFC. The app is not (yet) available on Apple phones.

How do I get the CleanJack app on my mobile phone?

If your mobile phone has NFC and Android, you can simply download the app from Google Play.

Outside of clocking in and out, can the app be used to clock at other checkpoints?

Absolutely. In this case, you stick a check sticker at the checkpoint. Consider, for instance, measuring the cleaning frequency of toilets or the top floor when cleaning stairways, or a hotel room, a hospital room, individual apartments within an apartment complex, etc.

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