User experiences

"We have been working with the CleanJack system since 2008. We are very happy with it."

— Johny Froon, Hago Transport

"We now have the CleanJack wall terminals installed at over 500 sites. The programme is user friendly, and our clients are very satisfied as well."

— Facilicom Services Group

"We have a good name, because there are never issues with the exact hours worked and hours that are paid out. CleanJack is a fantastic system for employees, clients and for us, and prevents a lot of arguments."

— MKB Schoon! | Christian Hermsen DGA

"New clients are excited when they hear that we use the CleanJack system. It really adds value to our tender process."

— Blinck Schoon

"Verkerk Facilitair daily cleans many porches and complexes. We have installed RFID chips from CleanJack in all porches. This way we keep track of which porches have been cleaned. These innovative tools help us to ensure our business processes and quality. ""

— Verkerk Facilitair | Mark Verkerk director

"We focus on unburdening schools and childcare facilities. The aim is to provide the children and their supervisors with a safe, clean and pleasant environment. CleanJack gives us grip and control on cleaning work."

— FCC Facility Cost Control Marcel Lureman managing director

"We have been working with CleanJack since 2007. Never an argument about hours at Care Dienstengroep!"

— {"nl":"Care Dienstengroep | Marcel Grob directeur eigenaar","ja":"Care Dienstengroep | Marcel Grob directeur eigenaar"}