CleanJack’s Privacy Statement

“We will always treat your data confidentially“

At CleanJack we believe it is important to handle your data properly. That is why we would like to explain why and which data we collect. And what you can do you do not consent to this. We have tried to keep everything as clear as possible.

We always treat your data confidentially. That is the single most important thing you will read here. All information is stored securely and can only be accessed by those who require it. We do this by implementing technical, security and organisational measures. This way we prevent your data from being used by the wrong people for the wrong purposes.

What do we collect and why?

We collect personal data from prospective customers, current customers and visitors of our website or when you visit us in person. Nothing exciting here, we basically do this because we want to serve you and others to the best of our ability.

Things that we may keep track of:

  • First name and surname – Allows us to address everyone properly
  • Position – Allows us to know which information, tips and events are relevant to you
  • Name of organisation and department
  • Telephone numbers – Allows us to contact you if necessary
  • Email and social media addresses – Again, allows us to contact you if necessary

If you would like to obtain further information about your personal data that CleanJack may have collected, please contact us.

We do not store data any longer than necessary


What we keep track of on our websites

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?
Let’s start by saying that you can of course disable your cookies in your browser settings. However, you may not get the optimal experience to which you are accustomed from us if you do this.

CleanJack uses various cookies to enhance and facilitate your visit to our website(s). This means, for instance, that you do not have to enter your password each time you visit, or that we can better display the information you require.

The list below gives a brief explanation of the reason why we use them:

  • Google Analytics enables us to monitor which pages are ‘doing well’, and which require improvement. All data in Google Analytics is anonymised as much as possible, and can therefore not be traced back to individuals.
  • Facebook enables us to find out if what we do on Facebook interests you as well.
  • LinkedIn enables us to show you LinkedIn posts that are relevant to you.
  • Bing Ads. Besides Google, Bing is also used by people for online searches, and we would like to help by showing them relevant ads as well.
  • Doubleclick enables us to show ads on other sites that match what you are searching for at that time. We do this every so often to show you interesting articles from our website.

Would you like to change something, or do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the data collected by Flying Bytes Mobile BV (CleanJack) or how we use the data, please do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with our FG (Data protection officer) Elles Swaager, who can be reached on 0031(0) 70 2040132 or by using this form