CleanJack is a time registration system designed especially for cleaning companies. CleanJack is easy to use. CleanJack improves the quality of cleaning and provides maximum control of processes and costs. With CleanJack, cleaning companies can keep a tight rein on their wage costs.

24/7 staff tracking
No more hassle about hours
Optimal cost control
Result improvement
Connect easy to any system with CleanJack API

Wall terminal

The CleanJack wall terminal enables cleaning companies to always be connected with employees at any work location. The wall terminal can easily be stuck to the wall. As soon as employees arrive at the location, they can register with their unique ID keychain. The starting time is registered autom...

Handheld terminal

The CleanJack handheld terminal enables cleaning companies to always be in contact with employees at any work location. You can easily take the handheld terminal with you, and it is mainly aimed at mobile teams or cleaners at small locations (e.g. evening cleaning). The handheld terminal can also...


Naturally, CleanJack is also available as an app. Employees can register their working hours using a mobile phone with NFC capability. The CleanJack App can easily be downloaded from Google Play. Start and stop stickers are placed at work sites. The cleaners register their start and end times by ...

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